About us


firstAir is a brand of ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH and offers a wide range of air cooled rotary screw compressors with a nominal motor power from 3 to 90 kW and operating pressure from 8 to 10 bar(g).

For this purpose, a new range of airends with high performance has been developed, designed and produced which, together with our high-quality thermostatic valves, intake valves and separators, contribute to the reliability and long lifetime of the product. Thanks to our highly efficient airends in conjunction with IE3 electric motors, the screw compressors achieve a high technological standard and high efficiency.

Thanks to the new high efficiency air-ends linked with the IE3 electrical motors which are just as powerful, a high technological standard and a high efficiency are achieved. High environmental and energy saving standards are also respected when developing new products.

firstAir production